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Here’s What Clients Have Been Able To Achieve

Glen Romano Penfield, NY

Colleen is perhaps the most important teacher I've had in my life. At a time when I was beginning to slip through the cracks, she helped me realize my full potential and believed in me when I had very little belief in my self. It is not hyperbolic to say that without Colleen I would not be working my dream job. 

Sarah Peterson, Buffalo, NY 

Colleen has helped and guided me in a myriad of ways. After becoming acutely and chronically ill with mitochondrial disease, I have many different health and personal challenges. Colleen has shared her wisdom in the areas of nutrition, supplements, QiGong, mindfulness, energy conservation and has given me excellent referrals. Colleen is a researcher, shares her wisdom in a strong but gentle way and has had the greatest impact on my facing a lot of change in my life. I take her advice to heart, hear her in my head and share my health victories with her. I would not be as far along in understanding my body and what my life can be without Colleen. (I would be so lost without her huge brain and heart.)  

Ann Kirby L.Ac. Lebanon PA

Colleen has been an inspiration to me as a teacher, as a practitioner, and as a friend. Her nurturing nature balances the high standards she expects from her students. I have learned so much from her, in and out of the classroom. She was the first professor I would turn to when I needed encouragement or information. She helped me build the foundation of my dream career and continues to support me now, years after school. I am excited to continue to work with her for decades to come.  


While we slog through the everyday muck, she lifts us up and continues to show us the beauty of reaching for the moon. If we fall short, we will still be among the stars.  

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